The Best Robot Vacuums in Australia, According to Us

The Best Robot Vacuums in Australia, According to Us
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We like to think we know a thing or two about robot vacuum cleaners, here at Gizmodo Australia, including which ones are worth your money and which ones aren’t. Robot vacuums are an expensive smart home appliance, and while a good deal does pop up every now and again, we know it’s hard to justify spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on one of these automatic suckers on the off chance it might not be a good as you hoped.

Nowadays, there are robot vacuums that can suck, mop, self-empty and even clean themselves. While that’s all well and good, it doesn’t necessarily speak to how strong its suctioning power is, how well it mops or even whether it’s best suited to your household’s floor type.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of our favourite robot vacuums, so you can find out which ones make our hearts sing and our floors clean.

Here are the best robot vacuum cleaners – in no particular order – as determined by Gizmodo Australia staff.

The Best Robot Vacuums As Reviewed by the Gizmodo Australia team

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra

Best suction in a robot vacuum

Image: Isabella Noyes/Gizmodo Australia

Hey, it’s me, the robovac girl! Out of all of the robot vacuums I’ve reviewed so far, the S8 Pro Ultra is hands-down my favourite. Sporting an intense suction power of 6,000Pa, Roborock’s top-of-the-range model is perfect for all floor types, but especially carpets. What really takes the cake is that it can suck, mop and empty itself, as well as wash and dry its own mopping pads. It really is the ultimate hands-free experience.

I could talk about this robovac for days, but here’s one last thing:

“The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra is one hell of a robot vacuum. It’s almost inconceivable to reflect on how little assistance this robot vacuum needs from me. Not only does it suck all the fur and dirt off my floors with no problems, but the S8 Pro Ultra demonstrates near-excellent cable avoidance, a tentative yet efficient navigation routine and little-to-no hands-on assistance.”

Read our full review of the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra robot vacuum here.

Dyson 360 Vis Nav

Image: Alice Clarke/Gizmodo Australia

There was collective excitement in the Gizmodo office when we heard that Dyson was releasing its first-ever robot vacuum in Australia. While it doesn’t completely remove the need for stick vacuums, it is super easy to use and its “tongue” does a surprisingly fine job at collecting dust from the corners of your home. A solution that’s missing in the robot vacuum market at this time. We also just really enjoy its Gamecube-esque design.

Here’s what else Gizmodo Australia contributor Alice Clarke had to say:

“The Dyson 360 Vis Nav is the best robot vacuum cleaner I have ever used, which is both a testament to the suction power of the Dyson, and how much almost every other robot vacuum cleaner kinda sucks (or doesn’t, I guess).”

Read our full review of the Dyson 360 Vis Nav robot vacuum here.

iRobot Roomba Combo j7+

Image: Chris Neill/Gizmodo Australia

Ahh, the humble Roomba, noble steed of cats everywhere. While we can’t attest to its superiority as a feline’s mount, we can tell you that it will succeed in “[blending] seamlessly into your day-to-day life”. It may not be an excellent mopper and its emptying process does sound like an “aeroplane engine powering up”, but it still possesses excellent navigation, surface detection and suction.

Here’s what else E-Commerce Editor Chris Neill had to say:

“The convenience of the Combo j7+ cannot be understated. It’s an extra hour that can now be better spent elsewhere (read: watch three to four episodes of King of the Hill). It does a solid job when it comes to vacuuming, and maintains a consistent clean throughout its jobs. Being able to set and forget a scheduled clean is great – and the voice-assisted controls are nicely intuitive. It’d be great if the cleaning base could also top up the water, giving it total hands-free capabilities.

What impressed me the most was the companion app, which I found easy to use, and the Roomba’s smarts are a massive highlight. While there were some moments where the robovac seemed a bit confused about its surroundings, it learnt from that job and didn’t repeat its mistakes the next time.”

Read our full review of the iRobot Roomba Combo j7+ robot vacuum here.

Ecovacs DEEBOT N10 Plus

Best value robot vacuum: Ecovacs DEEBOT N10 Plus

Image: Isabella Noyes/Gizmodo Australia

I’m also a big fan of Ecovacs’ DEEBOT range. Not only do they always get the job done, but they’re also price-conscious and offer a wide selection of robot vacuums that cater to each person’s budget. Their newest model, the N10 Plus is a favourite of mine since it combines all of those high-end features you’d want in a robovac (stronger suction, longer battery life and a sleek design) for a more affordable retail price of $999.

Here are the gist of my thoughts on the N10 Plus:

“The N10 Plus is a no-brainer if you’re in the market for a robot vacuum. It’s tempting to go big thinking you’re investing in the best, but the N10 Plus proves you don’t need to splash a lot of cash to have a robot vacuum that gets the job done. The best part is that the Ecovacs N10 Plus decreases its upfront value to help you save for accessories (such as dust bags and cleaning brushes) later down the track.”

Read our full review of the Ecovacs DEEBOT N10 Plus robot vacuum here.


Best robot vacuum: Ecovacs DEEBOT OMNI X1

Image: Isabella Noyes/Gizmodo Australia

Ecovacs’ DEEBOT X1 OMNI is the brand’s best robot vacuum, packing in plenty of premium features for its price. It’s mighty similar to Roborock’s previously mentioned S8 Pro Ultra, but has slightly less suctioning strength and comes with a built-in security camera. During my time with it, I used it as a remote-controllable pet cam to spy on my cat while I was out of home. Being installed in the robovac meant I could wheel around my house using my phone and check on my cat, even if it did confuse the poor thing.

Here are my collected thoughts:

“The Ecovacs DEEBOT X1 OMNI goes above and beyond what’s currently in the robot vacuum market. Yes, the price tag is steep but the convenience sets the standard for future robot vacuum generations.

Admittedly, it has a lot of bells and whistles that you may not need or find useful… But if you want a completely hands-free experience with little cleanup, then the X1 OMNI is worth the money.”

Read our full review of the Ecovacs DEEBOT OMNI X1 robot vacuum here.

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At Gizmodo, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you'll like too. We have affiliate and advertising partnerships, which means we may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. BTW – prices are accurate and items in stock at the time of posting.