Gordon Ramsay Made a Grilled Cheese With a $3 Million Aston Martin Valkyrie

Gordon Ramsay Made a Grilled Cheese With a $3 Million Aston Martin Valkyrie

What’s your go-to snack out on the road? Personally, I’m a sucker for either a pouch of Old Bay Goldfish (until my stockpile runs out) or a nice bag of red grapes. But if you’re a professional chef, you can probably muster up something better, can’t you?

Well celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has done just that, showing how he preps a fresh grilled cheese while he’s out on the road. He doesn’t do this with some weird in-car toastie maker, nor does he park at the side of the road and whip out a little camping stove. Instead, he turns to a 6.5-litre Cosworth V12 engine.

In his latest TikTok, chef Ramsay is on a mission to redeem his grilled cheese-making reputation after his last woeful attempt outraged everyone.

For his latest attempt at the challenging dish, Ramsay gets a slice of white bread, tops it with a stack of sliced cheese before crowning the creation with a second slab of wheaty goodness. He then wraps the creation in tin foil (neglecting to add a dash of butter to aid crispyness) and takes it over to his grill of choice.

But because Ramsay is worth an estimated $US63 million, he doesn’t use a basic plug-in sandwich maker. Instead, he opens up the rear of a $US3 million Aston Martin Valkyrie and plonks the sandwich down on top of its 1139-hp V12. Nice.

All that’s left to do then is complete a few hot laps in the Adrian Newey-penned hypercar, which gives the heat from the engine enough time to nicely toast the bread and start to melt the cheese. It looks like a mighty fun way to make lunch, I must say.

What do you think to chef Ramsay’s efforts? Could you have done a better job? Did he miss a secret ingredient? Or is there a car that’s better suited to the task?

The backdrop for Ramsay’s video includes a few other cars he could have chosen from, like the Ford Puma SUV, a LaFerrari and a BAC mono. Personally, I like to think he tried cooking his lunch on those three first and deemed the Aston to be the best toasted sandwich maker, but we may never know.

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