Truck Spills Cans Of Nacho Cheese All Over U.S. Highway

Truck Spills Cans Of Nacho Cheese All Over U.S. Highway

On Wednesday, the Arkansas Department of Transportation shared two photos of a nacho cheese spill with the caption, “Taco Tuesday, anyone? A truck carrying cans of nacho cheese spilled today on I-30 west near Prescott. Things are all clear now and traffic is moving.” And while the first photo showed a mostly cleaned-up highway with traffic still backed up as far as the eye can see, the second photo shows just how bad the spill actually was.

What appears to be hundreds of cans spilled all over the highway, spreading cheesy goodness across both lanes and covering the road in cheese. Understandably, the spill brought traffic to a halt until the spread could be cleaned up. But how do you clean up a nacho cheese spill if there’s no corn chips truck in the area?

Apparently, you just scoop it all off the highway and deal with the mess later. ARDOT told The Independent, “Crews used a Bobcat with a blade to push the cheese to the side of the road, then put sand on the road to keep it from being slick. All was clear within a few hours.” We’re happy to hear ARDOT was able to respond so quickly, but it also raises the question of why they were so prepared for a situation like this. Is a nacho cheese spill in a DOT manual? Are there seminars at DOT conferences on how to safely prep the road after a spill?

Understandably, the Facebook post was quickly filled with people making cheese puns. “Nacho ordinary highway spill. Certainly not the best queso scenario. Thankfully, it’s all clear and it’s nacho problem anymore,” wrote ABC7’s Cassandra Webb. “That’s when you know….’just nacho day,’” said another commenter. “I’ve always heard that too much cheese would back you up,” one more added.

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