These Are the Biggest Automakers in the World by Revenue

These Are the Biggest Automakers in the World by Revenue

There was probably a time when you could pretty much guess at which automakers would be in the top twenty for revenue in a given year. With ongoing consolidation and merging, there are seemingly fewer parent companies every year. But with the proliferation of Chinese automakers and their recent reaches beyond the borders of their home country, the list is getting a bit jumbled these days and harder to guess. Here’s the full list of the top twenty automakers.

For the publicly traded automakers, I’ve included their stock ticker and current market cap for comparison. At current exchange rates one U.S. dollar is equal to 0.94 Euro, 7.31 Chinese Yuan, 1,353.08 Korean Won, and 149.68 Japanese Yen.

20. Renault SA – $55.15 Billion (EPA: RNMkt Cap – $9.89 Billion)

Image: Renault

19. Zhejiang Geely Holding Group – $60.39 Billion

Image: Zeekr

18. Beijing Automotive Group – $67.28 Billion

Image: BAIC

17. Dongfeng Motor Corporation – $68.42 Billion

Image: Dongfeng

16. Kia Corporation – $72.94 Billion (KRX: 000270 Mkt Cap – 33.81 Trillion KRW)

Image: Kia

15. BYD Company Limited – $76.6 Billion (SHE: 002594 Mkt Cap – 715.68 Billion CNY)

Image: BYD

14. Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group – $77.34 Billion

Image: GAC

13. Nissan Motor Co Ltd. – $83.11 Billion (TYO: 7201 Mkt Cap – 2.95 Trillion JPY)

Image: Nissan

12. China FAW Group – $87.68 Billion

Image: Hongqi

11. Tesla Inc. – $94.03 Billion (NYSE: TSLA Mkt Cap – 693.09 Billion)

Image: Brandon Bell (Getty Images)

10. SAIC Motor Corporation Limited – $103.22 Billion (SHA: 600104 Mkt Cap- 177.35 Billion CNY)

Image: SAIC

9. Hyundai Motor Company – $118.37 Billion (KRX: 005380 Mkt Cap – 46.54 Trillion KRW)

Image: Hyundai

8. Honda Motor Co Ltd. – $129.18 Billion (NYSE: HMC Mkt Cap – $60.47 Billion)

Image: Honda

7. Bayerische Motoren Werke AG – $158.03 Billion (ETR: BMW Mkt Cap – 60.43 Billion Euro)

Image: Mini

6. Mercedes-Benz Group AG – $161.91 Billion (ETR: MBG Mkt Cap – 67.63 Billion Euro)

Image: Mercedes-Benz

5. General Motors Company – $169.73 Billion (NYSE: GM Mkt Cap – $41.0 Billion)

Image: Chevrolet

4. Ford Motor Company – $169.82 Billion (NYSE: F Mkt Cap – $46.89 Billion)

Image: Ford

3. Stellantis N.V. – $200.92 Billion (NYSE: STLA Mkt Cap – 56.68 Billion Euro)

Image: Dodge

2. Toyota Motor Corporation – $286.15 Billion (NYSE: TM Mkt Cap – $291.21 Billion)

Image: Toyota

1. Volkswagen AG – $318.32 Billion (ETR: VOW3 Mkt Cap – 56.82 Billion Euro)

Image: Volkswagen

Image: XPeng

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