Amazon is Quietly Replacing Android in Some Products with its Own OS

Amazon is Quietly Replacing Android in Some Products with its Own OS

It seems like Amazon is currently developing its own operating system for its Fire TV devices and Smart TVs that run on Android. This was reported last week in Janko Roettgers’ Lowpass newsletter and hasn’t been corroborated with an official statement from Amazon yet.

The new OS is believed to begin with replacing Android on Fire TV before it moves to the company’s other products. These products could include Amazon’s other smart displays, its smart home line, or streaming hardware. In fact, according to the Lowpass newsletter, the new OS could come to the Fire TV streaming hardware as soon as next year.

The new OS has been codenamed Vega. And a report from Zatz Not Funny! It started appearing on the Echo Show 5, released in May. Though Amazon hasn’t released an official announcement, this seems highly probable because the software spec reads “OS 1.1,” indicating it’s new.

Compare this to the Echo Show 8, for instance, which reads “OS,” and it will become much clearer that the Show 5 is running on a new platform. In terms of appearance and user experience, the new OS looks very similar to the Fire OS.

Rolling out an entirely new OS means the developers behind popular streaming apps must readjust accordingly. This would require them to release new versions of their product that are specifically suited for Amazon’s Vega.

While this does sound like a lot, looking at the Fire TV’s popularity, it doesn’t seem impossible. Considering Amazon sold over 200 million devices in March, it makes sense that Amazon would consider creating its own operating system for its devices and have a bit more control over its products and cut out Android.

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