Musk Tells Rogan He’s Still Down to Kick Zuck’s Ass

Musk Tells Rogan He’s Still Down to Kick Zuck’s Ass

Tesla CEO Elon Musk made another appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast Tuesday in an almost three-hour talk on subjects that these two are heavily interested in: cars, mixed martial arts, and of course, cancel culture.

Just after the two-hour mark in the podcast, the two talked about the proposed fight between Musk and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg that was heavily hyped over the summer. The fight between the tech giant bosses ended up not happening, but Musk says he’s still up for it.

“I don’t need any time,” Musk’s answer to Rogan on how long he needs to prepare.

“I’m willing to do it anytime, anywhere, any place in the world,” Musk said.

The Tesla CEO continued to express his fighting prowess claiming he has been trained in judo, Taekwondo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and “street fighting.” Musk also alluded to how Zuck’s grappling skills would have a hard time as he’s taller than the Meta CEO therefore submission moves like an armbar would be harder to pull off.

The show started off on a different note with the two talking about the Tesla Cybertruck. The Tesla CEO says the fugly EV will start shipping out next month four years after it was first announced. To show its durability, the UFC announcer shot an arrow from his bow into the side of the truck without leaving a scratch.

Musk tweeted a picture of Rogan (which he misspelled as “Rohan’) shooting the arrow.


A chunk of the podcast was dedicated to Musk’s purchase of Twitter, now known as X. It’s been a year since he bought the social media platform, and Musk spoke at length about the “woke mind virus” that he says has been running rampant.

About halfway through the show, Musk and Rogan took a short break to eat some pizza with double anchovies and double pineapple, which is likely some pizza lover’s version of hell.

This is the fourth appearance on the podcast for the Tesla CEO. His first time on the show back in 2018 made headlines as Musk very awkwardly smoked, what appeared to be, his first blunt.

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