The iPhone SE 4 Could Look a Lot Like the iPhone 14

The iPhone SE 4 Could Look a Lot Like the iPhone 14

According to MacRumors, Apple is set to release the fourth-gen of their budget-friendly iPhone SE line in 2025. And reports suggest that its body is going to look a lot like the iPhone 14. Until now, the SE series featured an iPhone 8-style design, but that will end with the upcoming model. A more modern look and a bigger display are promised on this one.

The fourth generation iPhone SE (which has been referred to as D59 or codename Ghost) will host the same flat design without a touch ID button that you now see on all recently-released iPhones. Apparently, it will be lighter than the iPhone 14 by around 6 grams, weighing 165 grams.

The reason behind the SE 4 being relatively lightweight is that it sports a single camera instead of the triple-lens we see on the 14. You get a 48-megapixel rear camera with a custom backplate that caters to the design change. The company probably didn’t want to drift too far from what the SE 4’s predecessors looked like and, hence, opted for a single lens.

Another similarity between the iPhone 14 and the SE 4 could be the Midnight colour variant seen on the former. Some prototypes for the iPhone SE 4 in black suggest that this might be one of the options.

In terms of how the iPhones differ in terms of design, there are two main features: the multi-purpose Action button and a USB-C port, both of which were recently seen on the iPhone 15.

Please keep in mind that none of this information should be taken as the final word. All of it is based on prototypes and conjecture, and it is always possible that some of it might change during the development phase.