Tech News: 5 Things to Know in Australia Today

Tech News: 5 Things to Know in Australia Today

Good morning. We’re almost at the end of the week, so let’s just get stuck into it.

1. Meet Google Gemini

Google has just unveiled Gemini, its newest AI model, intended for enterprise, business and consumer customers with three tiers: Ultra, Pro, and Nano. The AI is capable of processing text, images, audio, video, and coding languages, with Google claiming it’s the company’s “most flexible model yet”. From today, Google Bard will rely on the Gemini language model, and Gemini will be applied to some Google Pixel 8 Pro apps, like Recorder and the Gboard, to enhance their features. Google said that Gemini will make its way to search, ads, Chrome, and Duet AI in the coming months.

2. Advanced Navigation to build photonic chips with Department of Defence grant

Focusing down under, and robotics company Advanced Navigation has been awarded a $306,000 grant from the Department of Defence to build photonic chips locally. Photonic chips rely on light for processing and actioning information, which the company claims could be essential to Australian defence. “The technological breakthroughs enabled by photonic chips offer new opportunities for defence and commercial applications requiring always available, ultra-high accuracy, orientation and navigation, including subsea, marine, robotics, aerospace and space,” Advanced Navigation CEO and co-founder Xavier Orr said.

3. ASIC reveals four error-caused data breaches

As reported by itNews, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission has revealed that it has been subject to four error-caused data breaches since the start of 2022. None of these were caused by a cyber attack, and one was caused by a systems misconfiguration issue, though during the time period, ASIC was subject to a cyber attack “against one of its external legal services providers,” the Commission said in response to a senate inquiry.

4. Apple goes AI

Aaand we’re back to AI news. As reported by The Verge, Apple is getting into AI with a quietly released framework on MacBooks, designed to run specifically on the company’s silicon. The framework is called MLX, and the company has released information of it on GitHub so that developers can create apps with it. It’s still not as sweeping as an AI bot like Bard or a model like Gemini, but it could be the start of something huge.

5. AMD shows off new chips with, you guessed it, love for AI

Also as reported by The Verge, AMD has just announced its newest chips, including new Ryzen consumer-grade CPUs, and the new Instinct MI300X and Instinct M1300A APU, which AMD claims are focused on large language models and feeding into AI. “LLMs continue to increase in size and complexity, requiring massive amounts of memory and compute,” AMD CEO Lisa Su said. “And we know the availability of GPUs is the single most important driver of AI adoption.”

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