A Woman in Florida Had Her Entire Driveway Stolen

A Woman in Florida Had Her Entire Driveway Stolen

If you leave things in your yard, you shouldn’t be surprised if they get stolen. People are opportunistic, and if they see your kid’s bike sitting there unsecured, they may decide it’s a perfect opportunity to give it to their kid. Heck, sometimes even entire cars get stolen out of driveways. It sucks, but it happens. However, one Florida woman recently came home to find that her entire driveway had been stolen, WFTV reports.

According to the victim, Amanda Brochu, it all began when she put her house up for sale. She had some renovations done, including replacing the roof. Over the course of several days, her son counted at least five contractors coming by to measure the driveway. When confronted, one of the contractors said a man who identified himself as “Andre” had contacted them about a driveway replacement and claimed he was the landlord. When asked for proof that he owned the house, he stopped responding.

Brocue then called the cops, who got in contact with “Andre,” who claimed he accidentally gave the contractor the wrong address. Not long after that, her driveway disappeared. “I come home and my driveway is gone,” Amanda Brochu told the news outlet.

As it turned out, Brochu and the contractor who removed her driveway were victims of an overpayment scam. Scammers like “Andre” look for houses that are listed for sale online, pretend to be the homeowner and get a contractor to give them a quote for some work on the house. Then they’ll send a check for more than the agreed-upon amount. Then they ask for a refund. After the contractor sends the extra money back, they find out the check bounces, meaning they don’t get paid and they just lost whatever money they refunded.

While the scammer still hasn’t been arrested, the good news for Brochu is, she won’t have to pay for a new driveway. After the story originally aired, a local business volunteered to replace her driveway for free. Still, it’s a good reminder that if you aren’t careful, if you try to sell a house, you need to be careful that someone doesn’t steal your driveway.


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