ChatGPT Will Soon Be Able to ‘Remember’ Things Better, Relax It’s Not That Deep

ChatGPT Will Soon Be Able to ‘Remember’ Things Better, Relax It’s Not That Deep

ChatGPT will be able to remember details about its users, from what they do for a living to their favourite note-taking format. OpenAI, ChatGPT’s creator said this new feature is to make future conversations between users and the chatbot “helpful”. 

The AI chatbot brand has said users are in control of ChatGPT’s memory. 

The more people interact with the memory feature, the better it becomes, according to OpenAI. Users can tell ChatGPT to remember something or it can pick up information as you use it. 

If that still isn’t your vibe and you want ChatGPT to be as ignorant as possible, OpenAI noted that these memory settings can be turned off at any time through settings – personalisation and then toggle memory off. 

“You can explicitly tell it to remember something, ask it what it remembers, and tell it to forget conversationally or through settings. You can also turn it off entirely,” the company explained in a blog post. 

Some of the memory examples OpenAI has given include the chatbot remembering what you do for a living, if you have children, or what kind of work you enjoy doing. 

OpenAI said the company is rolling this feature out to a small portion of ChatGPT free and plus users this week, as they “want to learn how useful it is”. A broader rollout will happen after the testing phase. 

This feature while yes, an AI “remembering” does seem low-key scary, but for those who use ChatGPT constantly, this may be a lifesaver. Once it launches, it will be very interesting to see how it works and if it makes life a bit easier (or if we feeding the AI more information).

OpenAI has also apparently been working to create “agent software,” that will effectively take over your device and complete complex tasks on your behalf, which could change the way people use their computers. 

Also once again, a small PSA, do not put any personal information into ChatGPT, like credit card details, your address or any company secrets. 

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