10 of the Best TV Shows Airing on Stan Right Now

10 of the Best TV Shows Airing on Stan Right Now

Aussie streaming service Stan has some iconic TV shows, from cult classics to sci-fi sizzlers, these are some of the best shows to watch on Stan right now.

10 of the best TV shows on Stan


Your dad’s favourite TV show should also be your favourite TV show. Centring on the Dutton Family, who are the owners of the biggest ranch in Montana, aptly named the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch aka The Yellowstone. This is basically if Days Of Our Lives went country. The first half of season 5 is now out with the second half set to be released at the end of this year. 

Made for Love

Hazel is unhappily married and wants a divorce, however, she has a small tracking device in her brain where her husband can read all of her thoughts, uh oh. Hazel, played by Cristin Miloti, goes back to her hometown to try and outrun her tech billionaire husband and regain her independence. 


This is the Sherlock series that usurps all the others. Featuring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, it takes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary work and puts a modern twist on it. Plus, Andrew Scott as Moriarty just makes the show even better. 

Station Eleven

Station Eleven is a dark and dreary post-apocalyptic show across multiple timelines, after the human race is left all but destroyed by a deadly flu. It’s definitely one to watch if you loved The Last of Us, and is oddly uplifting at times.

Doctor Who

One of the most legendary sci-fi shows, Doctor Who is available to stream on Stan (at least, everything from the reboot from 2005 onwards). Doctor Who follows the Doctor, a Time Lord that explores the galaxy in a time machine, with human companions joining them along the way. It’s a brilliant show, and I highly recommend watching the episodes starring David Tennant. Another season is in development.

Breaking Bad

One of the best slow-burn crime thrillers of all time, Breaking Bad follows an extremely smart chemistry teacher who turns to a life of crime to make meth, with the hope of giving his family a better life. It’s an exceptional show and is among the best shows on the Stan platform; the ending is one of the best in TV history. The spin-off, Better Call Saul (which is just as good) can also be viewed on Stan.

Mr. Robot

Following a cybersecurity engineer with social anxiety and bipolar disorder, Mr. Robot is a show about a group of hackers trying to take down a corporation. It’s a thrilling drama all the way through, and Stan has the entire thing ready to stream.

Orphan Black

Orphan Black follows a young woman who meets another person that looks exactly identical to her. After stealing her identity, she learns that there are many more people with duplicates just like her. It’s a thrilling show that goes harder on sci-fi themes than you might be expecting, and a sequel show is in development.


A young couple, Sam and Jay, inherit a haunted mansion and, unaware of their invisible housemates, plan to turn it into a B&B. Their lives become much more complicated after a fall causes Sam to see the ghosts. It’s based on the UK series and it’s just wholesome fun.


Another horror on our list, Hannibal is a prequel to Silence of the Lambsfollowing the character of the same name. It’s an origin story for the terrifying serial killer, and follows his early years as a forensic psychologist, and his shift to murderer and cannibal.

Plus one more!

Murder House Flip

Love murder mysteries? Love a good home renovation show? Well have we got good news for you?! Murder House Flip combines these two very different TV genres and mashes them together, which actually works. Watch as home designers Joelle Uzyel and Mikel Welch help homeowners renovate the most infamous murder houses, but can they get rid of that smell? Tune in to find out. Murder House Flip airs on Pedestrian Television live and on-demand 24/7 on 9Now.

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