This Tank Track Suzuki Might Be the Most Perfect Off-Road Vehicle of All Time

This Tank Track Suzuki Might Be the Most Perfect Off-Road Vehicle of All Time

Let’s say you’ve recently bought a remote Alaskan homestead. Not necessarily “only accessible by seaplane” remote but still remote enough that you need to put in your own road on the property. We can’t imagine many people reading this have actually done that, but let’s not pretend most of us haven’t fantasized about it at some point. You’re obviously going to need a truck, but what are you going to buy? A Toyota Tacoma? A Ford F-150? A Ram 2500? Wrong. All wrong.

Luke Nichols, host of the popular Outdoor Boys YouTube channel only recently discovered by your humble author, found himself in that exact situation not too long ago. He’d bought a property in Alaska that had a cabin and a shed on it, but it needed a lot of work if anyone was going to be able to comfortably spend much time there, especially a family with three young boys. Instead of going with something more obvious, he decided what his family really needed was a Suzuki Carry.

It’s not just any Suzuki Carry, though. It’s been modified for use in Alaska, a task that involved swapping the wheels for tracks plus adding a lift and a bed cover. The result is probably the cutest, most perfect Arctic work truck that you could possibly imagine. Need to clear junk off your property? Suzuki Carry. Need to tow a broken side-by-side? Suzuki Carry. What about a broken snow machine? You guessed it. Suzuki Carry.

Most importantly, just look at how happy this truck makes Nichols. Starting not long after the two-minute mark, you can tell this guy is absolutely stoked to have a Kei truck. The same incredibly accomplished outdoorsman who regularly digs his own snow shelters and built a survival cabin by hand turns into a kid on Christmas. When was the last time anything in your life brought you that much joy, much less a truck? It really is absolutely perfect.


Camping at Abandoned Alaskan Homestead with Modified Off-Road Kei Truck

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