Why Now Is a Bad Time to Buy an iPad or MacBook Air

Why Now Is a Bad Time to Buy an iPad or MacBook Air

Now is not the time to buy a new iPad or a MacBook Air. According to a Bloomberg report by Apple reporter Mark Gurman, Apple is about to release a new batch of MacBook Airs and iPads. This event could likely be scheduled for March 2024, so if you’re in the market for one of these products now, you should wait till the next Apple event if you can. That way, you can either get a newer Apple product or take advantage of price cuts on outgoing models.

What Apple could launch in March 2024

According to Gurman, you can expect MacBook Airs with Apple’s M3 processors to launch in March 2024. His report states that the new Air will ship in two variants—13- and 15-inch displays. We already know a bit about Apple’s M3 processor because it shipped with the MacBook Pro launched in late 2023. As compared to the M2, the M3 chip offers improved performance without compromising battery life. This alone is a great reason to wait for the M3 MacBook Airs.

The report also states that the iPad Air and the iPad Pro are getting revamped. You could see big hardware changes to these devices, including an option for a larger display on the iPad Air, along with software tweaks such as allowing Face ID in landscape mode. iPad accessories such as Magic Keyboards and Apple Pencils could also be refreshed.

It’s worth waiting before you buy an iPad or a MacBook

With just two months to go before these new products are launched, now is the time to avoid any impulse purchases. MacRumors has neat buying guides for Macs and iPads and it clearly tells you why you shouldn’t buy any iPad or a MacBook Air now. It’s been over 18 months since Apple refreshed the iPad Air and the MacBook Air, and a similar amount of time since the last time we saw a new iPad Pro. Upgrades to all of these are overdue.

With Apple products, you can expect software updates and support for a long time—so it’s not like buying an older generation product will leave you stranded now. You are, however, risking paying a higher price for an older product, as Apple often slashes the prices of older products during its events. Once its replacement or upgrade is out, you’ll have a greater chance of scoring a great deal for either a new product or a used one in great condition. 

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