10 Things AI Chatbots Can Do Besides Yap

10 Things AI Chatbots Can Do Besides Yap

ChatGPT has quickly become a household name, but many of us are struggling to figure out what to do with it. We all know that ChatGPT can yap quite a bit, but generative AI chatbots have some practical applications that have nothing to do with text generation. The bots continue to get better at data analysis, coding, image generation, and more tools that offer practical applications.

Generative AI can perform many burdensome tasks on your behalf. Many of these applications are free to use through online chatbots like Google Gemini, Microsoft Copilot, or OpenAI’s ChatGPT. However, some of the examples listed here require access to paid tools like OpenAI’s GPT store.

Here are 10 things ChatGPT and other chatbots can do besides chatting.

Website Generation

Screenshot: ChatGPT

One thing AI chatbots can help with is designing websites. With tools like DesignerGPT, you can speak with an AI chatbot that will program you a simple website.

Data Visualization

Example data set created with ChatGPT

If you’re ever presented with a large data set in Excel, throwing it through an AI chatbot is a great way to see what you’re working with. With ChatGPT, you can upload any data set and have the AI chatbot create various visualizations for you. This can help you tell a clear story around any data set and is quite responsive to any edits you might want to make.

Coding Help

Here we ask ChatGPT for help with creating a simple dropdown menu.

Coding is quickly emerging as one of the most successful uses of ChatGPT and AI assistants. Copilot is a popular tool for programmers. If you’re just learning how to code, or simply want to lighten your coding workload, you can use AI chatbots to help out.

Document Analysis

Image: VectorHot (Shutterstock)

If you’re working with large documents or filings, AI chatbots are great for quickly synthesizing what you’re looking at. You can pick out words or topics that you’re interested in, or just try to get the general sentiment.

Calendar Scheduling

Photo: Sergii Gnatiuk (Shutterstock)

With the help of many Calendar GPTs, you can connect to Google or Apple Calendar with an AI chatbot. This can allow you to speak with a personal assistant that can actually throw events on your calendar, help you budget your time, and even schedule meetings with people.

Travel Planning

Screenshot: ChatGPT

Kayak built a GPT that allows you to easily search for exactly what you want. You can simply type in “find me a trip in April to a beautiful outdoorsy location for under $US400” and the chatbot will find you dozens of flights that meet your criteria. It even provides direct links to book flights and compare options.

Transcription Analysis

ChatGPT summarized an interview I conducted for my myth debunking series.

If you work with lots of audio, ChatGPT can be great for helping you analyze a dense transcription. After uploading a transcription, AI chatbots are perfect for summarizing and can give you an exact time stamp for where something was said.

Poster Generation

Photo: nito

Creating posters can be a hassle, but it’s a great way to share information and get people excited about your next event. With Canva’s GPT, you can speak with an AI chatbot to populate a poster with any information or style you’d like to be included in your invitation.

Image Creation

Image: Kaspars Grinvalds

Creating quick images for a project or website is a popular use of AI chatbots. ChatGPT’s Dall-E, Midjourney, and Meta AI all offer free image generation services that can quickly deliver what you need, without too much hassle.

Building a Workout Program

Photo: Sergey Peterman (Shutterstock)

ChatGPT can give you a personalized workout plan based on your goals. This can help you get started with something, and while it may not be as good as a personal trainer, it can help you get started.

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