Dune’s Deranged Sandworm Popcorn Buckets Are Going for Hundreds of Dollars on eBay

Dune’s Deranged Sandworm Popcorn Buckets Are Going for Hundreds of Dollars on eBay

People are thirsty for the Dune: Part Two limited edition sandworm popcorn bucket. So thirsty, in fact, that some eBay resellers are hawking the thing for hundreds of dollars.

The Dune popcorn bucket, which was sold for $US24.99 at select AMC theaters and included the popcorn itself, is currently the fifth most-expensive listed item on eBay under the “popcorn bucket” search term, with one seller asking $US804.04 for the viral item (plus shipping). It follows a Godzilla and Evangelion popcorn bucket combo ($US1,034); a Figment popcorn bucket signed by Tony Baxter ($US1,499); a live-action The Lion King popcorn bucket ($US2,219); and a Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker popcorn bucket ($US5,000).

Not all of the Dune popcorn buckets are this expensive, though. The cheapest one I could find was going for $US52, or more than double the original price. The majority seemed to be going for $US60-$US80, with a few boasting $US100 and $US200 price tags.

According to data provided by eBay, “popcorn bucket” was searched 4,900 per day in February, which makes sense given that the first images of the sandworm popcorn bucket started circulating on Jan. 25. On Feb. 29, the day before Dune: Part Two hit theaters, global searches of “dune popcorn bucket” had increased 90% when compared to the day before, eBay said.

The fact that people went nuts for the popcorn bucket, which is strangely disgusting and enthralling at the same time, is no surprise. Popcorn buckets are considered collector’s items by many movie buffs. eBay said the number of popcorn buckets sold on its site had increased 225% over the past five years.

Over the past 12 months, the top five most-searched movie popcorn buckets were those created for Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, Barbie, The Little Mermaid, Dune: Part Two, and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Something tells me that in the end, though, Dune’s sandworm will leave them in the dust.

You can check out eBay’s top five popcorn buckets, as well as some other pretty rad buckets, by clicking through the slides. I’m not even a popcorn bucket nut but all of these babies have got me rethinking my life choices.

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Popcorn Bucket

Screenshot: eBay / premium_txapparel

I would not have known that this was a popcorn bucket if I hadn’t been investigating this story. To be honest, I would have just wanted it because it looks like a pretty cool dragon head.

The Little Mermaid Popcorn Bucket

Screenshot: eBay / chitreasure

Not going to lie, I know many a little girl and even some grown millennials that would dish out the cash for this baby.

Jurassic World Popcorn Bucket

Screenshot: eBay / chupachu

I love the Jurassic World popcorn bucket because it doesn’t even look like a popcorn bucket! The things I could store in this handy egg.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Popcorn Bucket

Screenshot: eBay / Richbest 2023

You can’t tell from this main image, but the Miles Morales popcorn bucket allows you to see the popcorn through the eyes. Pretty cool.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Limited Edition Metal Popcorn Bucket

Screenshot: eBay / spiralclouds

As someone who watched The Rise of Skywalker five times, and cried every single time, I would love to own this. Too poor, though.

Combo Godzilla and Evangelion Popcorn Buckets

Screenshot: eBay / ok-ok-japan

I don’t even know how or where the popcorn goes in these amazing Godzilla and Evangelion popcorn buckets, but honestly, it doesn’t matter.

Scream Popcorn Bucket

Screenshot: eBay / thelashmistress

As a noted chicken, I don’t do Scream movies, or any scary movies. I would probably pee my pants. But this Ghost Face is bejeweled…

R2-D2 Popcorn Bucket + Sipper

Screenshot: eBay / roshalum

This R2-D2 popcorn bucket and cup is so freaking adorable that I would gladly dish out a hundred bucks to own it. Would my wallet regret it? Instantly. Would I? Probably not.

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Popcorn Bucket

Screenshot: eBay / RC’s Toy Chest

I’m not a Ghostbusters fan so I don’t really know what this bucket is supposed to represent but it looks like a retro gadget so I dig it.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Movie Popcorn Bucket

Screenshot: eBay / GreatLakes-HobbyCentral

Of course, the queen had to have one of the most popular buckets of the last 12 months. Respect. It’s also a very pretty bucket.

Barbie Popcorn Bucket

Screenshot: eBay / Sold Out Toys

This bucket is probably my favorite. I never had the Barbie car as a kid, but to have a Barbie car and have it hold popcorn?! God.

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