Musk Claims Delayed Tesla Roadster Will Now Be Able to Fly, if It Ever Launches

Musk Claims Delayed Tesla Roadster Will Now Be Able to Fly, if It Ever Launches

After finally rolling the ridiculous Cybertruck off its production line last year, American electric vehicle maker Tesla can now focus its attention on its next long-delayed product: the Roadster. This means it’s time for boss Elon Musk to start making all manner of outlandish claims about the car in the buildup to its launch, including claims that it might even be able to fly.

The Tesla Roadster was first unveiled by the brand back in 2017 with a slated release date of 2020. Now we’re in 2024, and Musk claims it’s actually going to arrive next year. When it does, he’s promising acceleration to 60 mph in less than a second — a claim that tire manufacturers have quashed. Now,he says the electric sports car could even fly, reports Automotive News.

The claims were made in Musk’s one and only appearance on the new Don Lemon podcast, says the site. In the episode, Musk claimed that the new Roadster will feature SpaceX rocket tech to help it accelerate and “maybe” even fly. As Automotive News reports:

“The only way to do something cooler than the Cybertruck is to combine SpaceX and Tesla technology to create something that’s not really a car,” Musk said of the Roadster. “It’s going to be really cool. It’s going to have some rocket technology in it.”

When Lemon asked if it would be a flying car, Musk said “maybe, it’s not out of the question.” Musk said it will not have “big wings” but will feature a yoke-style steering wheel similar to controllers used in modern jets.

“I’ve got to reserve the cool stuff for when we actually unveil it,” Musk said as Lemon asked for more details. Musk said the Roadster will have “totally Jetsons vibes,” referring to the 1960s cartoon with iconic flying cars.

This isn’t the first time the Tesla boss has made outlandish claims about his upcoming products. Who can forget the time he claimed the new Cybertruck would be able to “serve briefly a boat?” After buyers began testing the truck’s bulletproof capabilities, surely it’s only a matter or time before someone puts that claim to the test as well?

Spot the array of rocket engine on the Tesla Roadster.

Another optimistic statement that Musk has made about the new Roadster is that it will be ready to roll in 2025. The car, which was initially supposed to launch in 2020 for $US200,000, will now reportedly break cover next year.

As Musk has a long history with delayed launches, missed deadlines and fluid launch dates, we’ll not hold our breath on the Roadster actually hitting the highway next year.

If you do want an electric roadster that could become a reality soon, might I interest you in the Polestar 6, due in 2026, or the BYD Yangwang U9. That Chinese sports car will reportedly launch this year, meaning you’ll be able to import one into the U.S. in 2049, could that be before you get your hands on a Tesla Roadster too?

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