Mutant’s New Dune Poster Will Melt Your Mind

Mutant’s New Dune Poster Will Melt Your Mind

The best art inspires more incredible art and Denis Villeneuve’s Dune films have certainly done that. In addition to the artistry in the films themselves, graphic designers from all over the world have been moved to create gorgeous Dune posters—and the latest may be the most unique, and quite possibly the best, one yet.

Korean American artist Deb JJ Lee has created just a sumptuous, stunning poster for Dune: Part One, which is being released Friday April 19 by the team at Mutant. It’s their first collaboration together and, after seeing this full image, you have to imagine it won’t be their last. io9 is honored to exclusively debut your first look at Deb JJ Lee’s Dune: Part One from Mutant.

Dune: Part One by Deb JJ Lee regular

This is the regular edition, a 24 x 36 inch, nine-color screenprint in an edition of 215. It costs $US75. And below is the variant, a 24 x 36, 10-color inch screenprint in an edition of 115. It costs $US100.

Dune: Part One by Deb JJ Lee variant

More than just a movie poster, this is one of those pieces you can look at and see new things in every time. There’s Paul on the sand dunes of Arrakis, yes. But the weight of his fate is above him, surrounding him, filled with imagery from this world. It’s just stunning.

“Dating back to our time at our last jobs, we’ve always been huge fans of Deb JJ Lee, and we were just kind of cooking on the right project to ask about,” Mutant co-founder Mitch Putnam told io9. “Once we got settled over here at Mutant and the Dune license came in, we knew that would be perfect for them. Their work is cinematic on a level that few can match. We couldn’t be happier with this piece. We think it’s going to blow you away in person.”

Dune: Part One by Deb JJ Lee goes on sale at at 1 p.m. ET on Friday, April 19. For more work by Lee, visit their portfolio.

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