Fakey Perry: People Fall for AI-Generated Katy Perry at Met Gala

Fakey Perry: People Fall for AI-Generated Katy Perry at Met Gala

Today is fashion’s day of days, the Met Gala and AI has made its inaugural appearance on the red carpet, masquerading as singer Katy Perry. 

Images of the singer were shared this morning around Twitter, the first of her being in a seemingly realistic floral gown and the second image in a gold corset with a key, looking like a garden gate (complimentary). 

The images look quite realistic at first glance, but on closer inspection, you can see that it is very much AI’s handiwork. 

The first image, seen below, is Perry in a gorgeous white and green floral gown but looking closer it looks like AI. 

Firstly, the carpet isn’t the correct carpet that the celebs are currently walking on. Secondly, the faces behind her are blurry. 

The first AI-generated image: Image: X/Athina Mallis

The second AI-generated image of Perry looks a bit more realistic, with the carpet matching the actual 2024 Met Gala carpet but the image still looks dodgy when you look closely. We’ve done a compare and contrast between Penelope Cruz, who is actually at this year’s Met Gala versus Fakey Perry below. 

Penelope Cruz at the Met Gala versus an AI-generated Katy Perry at the Met Gala. Image: Getty Images/X

Thankfully the images were only perceived as real for a hot minute with Twitter users saying these images were AI-generated. I did a quick double check on Getty Images to see if Perry did come to the Met Gala but she never made an appearance.

Perry confirmed those images were AI via Instagram with the caption “couldn’t make it to the MET, had to work”. 

On one of the Insta slides, you can see that even her parents fell for the AI trick. My favourite thing about this is that Miss Perry even liked the AI-generated image herself.

While this is funny and lighthearted, there is a dark side to this where AI blending into internet culture, which very much scares me.


This fake image of Katy Perry at the Met Gala has fooled millions of people #katyperry #metgala #metgala2024 #aiart #ai

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AI: 1, Met Gala punters: 0

Image: Twitter/Getty Images

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