Tesla Cybertruck’s Tonneau Cover Is Also Hungry For Limbs

Tesla Cybertruck’s Tonneau Cover Is Also Hungry For Limbs

Tesla Cybertrucks consume more than just electricity. They also apparently run on people’s appendages. For the most part, the arm carnage has been focused on the stainless steel truck’s power-closing frunk. Many a YouTuber has stuck their fingers in there to not-so-great results. Now, we’ve moved on… to the Cybertruck’s rear tonneau cover, and luckily for one TikToker, the results were much better.

Joe Fay, also known by his TikTok handle of jf.okay, has been featured on our sister site for getting his finger caught in the Cybertruck’s frunk. Now, he’s moved to the back of the truck to see if the truck’s power tonneau cover has a similar problem. As it turns out, it sort of does, but it isn’t nearly as dangerous as the frunk.


let’s try out the tonneau cover now… #cybertruck

♬ original sound – Joe Fay


First, Fay puts his forearm between the liftgate and the closing tonneau cover. The whole thing is rather uneventful. It senses an object in the way and bounces right off. No problem there. Next, he puts the palm of his hand in harm’s way (he is either braver or dumber than me – not sure which.) This experiment doesn’t go quite as well. The cover fails to sense that his hand is there and clamps down on it, causing Fay to say “ow” and “it’s stuck” quite a few times. Eventually, he does get it to release and says it “didn’t hurt a whole lot,” so I don’t know if he was being brave once it was out or dramatic when it was stuck. Regardless, It’s not an ideal situation no matter how you slice it.

Finally, Fay says the next “logical thing” to do (other than stop) is to stick his middle finger in there. The results are, well, weird. The tonneau cover does in fact close on his finger, but it doesn’t get squished. There seems to be a thin rubber weatherstripping gasket at the end of the cover meaning you can pull your finger right out without incident. I suppose if you’ve got chunky fingers it could be an issue, but most people will probably be OK.

So, unlike the Cybertruck’s frunk, the rear tonneau cover isn’t exactly dangerous, which may be a letdown for some of you. If this article didn’t fill your need for Cybertruck owner blood, we’ve got you covered with all these stories.

Image: TikTok

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