This Guy Building A Jeep Out Of Neon Light Is From The Good Part Of YouTube

This Guy Building A Jeep Out Of Neon Light Is From The Good Part Of YouTube

One of my good friends recently took up the art of bending neon, and I’ve taken something of an interest in the subject myself, without actually committing to working in a hot glass shop or learning a new skill myself. As a result I’ve gotten into some pretty deep YouTube holes watching people use fire for the purpose of harnessing an inert gas to produce colored light.

One of my favorite neon creators is Bent Custom Neon from Toledo, Ohio. In true Toledo fashion, he’s been building himself a three-dimensional Jeep out of bent glass neon tube, and it’s exquisite.

Neon is an honorable artistic passion, and I truly wish I had the patience and skill required to make something like this with my giant awkward hands. It requires all of the deft touch and fluid motion as glass blowing, but with the added requirement of air-tightness, expensive gases, mounting, and electricity. Clearly this guy is extremely talented and deserves heaps of praise for his dedication to the Jeeping craft.


Here’s the sports bar for my 3-D Jeep  I have no idea why I am whispering .

If you’re like me at all, you’ll spend the next hour or so digging deeper into this guy’s videos, which I highly recommend. You’ll see that in addition to the Jeep, he’s done quite a few other car-related projects. As you can imagine, car dealership signage is a common job, having recently created some Mercedes-Benz signage, and a few pieces for some collectors, including a Michelin man, and a Dodge Viper sign. Each piece has its own characteristics and requirements, but the vibe of neon is always vibrant and colorful. This Jeep is just so rad to see coming together, I hope you also enjoy it.

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