• This Mountain Refuge Is A Lighthouse At 2100 Metres

    This Mountain Refuge Is A Lighthouse At 2100 Metres

    Mountain huts are normally utilitarian in the extreme — when you’re helicoptering up every kilogram of building materials, there’s not a lot of leeway for granite countertops. This Romanian hut isn’t what you’d call luxurious, but it creatively uses materials to make something better than a big Portaloo.

  • Video: Melbourne Car Park’s Amazing Graffiti Art

    Project Melbourne Underground at Emerald House is fast becoming Australia’s largest private street art project. Over the next few weeks, walls over more than 800 square metres of space will be sprayed and stencilled by around 90 artists – from around Australia and from New York, Paris and Amsterdam.

  • The Thinnest House In The World

    We’ve featured some really ultra-thin houses in the past — and then some more — but nothing like the Keret House, an impossibly slim structure that will be built in a crack between two buildings in the city of Wola, Poland.