atari arcade

  • LunchTimeWaster: Pong

    Ah Pong. The father of games, the granddaddy of them all. Where it all began, the start of something special, the birth of video games as we know them — please stop me if you’re getting bored — the game that started a revolution, the one where… alright, I’ve ran out of clichés. It’s Pong.…

  • LunchTimeWaster: Centipede

    Centipede was released in 1981 and, interestingly enough, was one of the first games to be co-designed by a woman, Dona Bailey. We love this quote from her, about the game: “I always thought it was really beautiful, like a shimmering jewel when you walked into the arcade.” Wow. Now you can play it at…

  • LunchTimeWaster: Missile Command

    Missile Command used to be played with a trackball. Now you can play it at the new Atari Arcade from within your browser — complete with HTML5, multi-touch and multiplayer support in Internet Explorer 10. It also works great in any other modern browser.