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  • Here’s DJI’s Response To The ADF Grounding Its Drones

    Here’s DJI’s Response To The ADF Grounding Its Drones

    Earlier today, it was reported that the Australian Defence Force grounded its fleet of DJI drones — after the US Army did the same thing last month — on security fears. Around 40 drones were taken out of active service in early August on concerns of “user vulnerabilities”, and were out of action for a…

  • Yes, Australia’s Cyber Army Is Hacking Terrorists

    We already knew that Australia had a cyber army capable of running “computer network operations” — as broad a term as that is — but now we know that the Australian Signals Directorate’s hacker team is actively being used to fight other countries, online, in the dark corridors of the internet.

  • Australia Now Officially Has A Cyber Army

    Briefly: the Australian Defence Force’s recently revised Information Activities doctrine shows how the Navy, Army and Air Force will engage in digital warfare during covert and overt military operations. The ADF and the Australian Signals Directorate have the capability to run various “computer network operations”, including hacking and online propaganda.