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  • How To Watch The Uncensored Version Of John Wick 3 In Australia

    How To Watch The Uncensored Version Of John Wick 3 In Australia

    When the third installment of the John Wick franchise, Parabellum, was released earlier this year, Aussies didn’t get the same version as most other countries. One scene in particular was censored so the film could secure a MA15+ rating. However, if you want to get your eyeballs (hah) on the uncensored version, you now can.

  • State Of Decay Resubmitted To Classification Board

    Fear not, Xbox-owning Zombie-lovers! State Of Decay has been resubmitted to the Classification Board to try and circumvent the Refused Classification stamp it was branded with a few weeks ago. The Classification Board came down hard on the post-apocalyptic zombie game after its depictions of drugs and drug-taking. How has Microsoft got around it? By…

  • State Of Decay Refused Classification, Banned In Australia

    I was surprised when it came out just 24 hours ago that Saints Row IV had been Refused Classification, but now for a double-dose of nostalgia we get to read it again! Microsoft’s State Of Decay has been officially Refused Classification by the Classification Board, effectively banning the game in Australia.