gizmodos app of the day

  • Reeder For Mac

    Let’s face it: RSS is a terribly nerdy wasteland of .xml feeds and weird formatting. Reeder is the shining hope that it doesn’t have to be that way. Already our favourite RSS app on iOS, it’s finally available for Mac.

  • iWork For iPhone

    iWork For iPhone

    They’re small, they’re powerful, and they’re finally here. Pages, Numbers and Keynote for the iPhone are packed with features, proving just how extensive pocket-size productivity can be. They also prove that it can be a real pain in the arse to do work on your phone.

  • Everyday Looper For iPhone And iPad

    Everyday Looper For iPhone And iPad

    Your voice! It’s the only instrument you always carry with you. Unless you’re that weird guy who always walks around with a harmonica in his pocket. But for most of us, it’s the voice. Everyday Looper lets you layer vocal track on top of vocal track for to make simple and sonorous acapella sandwiches.