iPhone Lands In Australia

iphone box.jpg

There’s something in the air. It smells like iPhone fever. And the latest, most exciting piece of information is this photo of… a box. MacTalk Australia have received this image from a “very reliable source” – a box from Apple with an NDA requiring that the box isn’t opened before Tuesday June 10 – which for those of you playing at home correlates to the Australian time of the WWDC.

According to MacTalk, Apple resellers all around the country will have received boxes like this one, and although they haven’t yet seen the insides, the smart money is on it containing a new 3G iPhone.

The fact they’ve only received a single box is put down to it being a promotional unit, with retail units to ship to stores for the reported June 19 release date.

It looks pretty legit to me. And although I haven’t read the NDA that applies to that particular box, here’s hoping that the tape is ripped off at 12:01 next Tuesday – 3 hours before the WWDC kicks off – so we can get all this suspense rubbish out of the way.