michael morbius

  • Damn You, Jared Leto

    Damn You, Jared Leto

    Earlier in the week, Sony announced their plans to bring their vampire/superhero-ish movie Morbius back into theatres this coming July. The film — which, in case you’ve forgotten, only came out like two months ago — starred Jared Leto as the titular Doctor Michael Morbius and was honestly nothing to write home about. Surely worse…

  • Now Wait Just a Goddamned Minute, Spider-Man

    Now Wait Just a Goddamned Minute, Spider-Man

    Peter Parker might have gotten the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse all settled by the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home, but it doesn’t seem Sony has managed to do the same. The end of the new Spidey movie has left the upcoming Morbius film with an extremely confusing — if not outright impossible — plothole to…