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  • How Do We Know The Nukes Still Work?

    How Do We Know The Nukes Still Work?

    Scientists at U.S. National Laboratories are still testing nuclear weapons among the mountains, desert, and chaparral of the American West. High-tech machinery and warehouses stocked with supercomputer processors take data on warheads and explosions”yes, there are still explosions, which crack like rifle fire on schedule in the distance.

  • Meet The Nuclear Weapons Nerds

    Meet The Nuclear Weapons Nerds

    John Coster Mullen was driving his truck to a warehouse in Oshkosh Wisconsin when he told me that he owns uranium. He’d been talking on the phone for about hour, and I hadn’t been able to ask a single question about the project that has consumed a quarter century of his life—the reverse-engineering of America’s…

  • What Happens If Australia Is Hit By A Nuclear Bomb?

    With the recent reports that North Korea has the capability to fit a nuclear bomb in an intercontinental ballistic missile, and the tensions rising between Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump, I began to wonder about just how powerful nuclear bombs actually are. It’s hard to visualise the scale of their power, unless you can put…