• Geoengineering Is Inevitable

    Geoengineering Is Inevitable

    Here’s what’s going to happen: Every year for the foreseeable future, scientists, activists, and citizens concerned about climate change will have a discussion in one form or another about geoengineering. There will be editorials and vague proposals in journals; there will be think pieces on the need not to do it, but to talk about…

  • Apple Is A Follower

    Apple Is A Follower

    Apple never wanted to make the iPad Mini. It was forced to by an army of tiny tablets laying successful siege to its empire. Apple’s conceded a lot of ground already. But it’s not the first time this year it’s had to play catch-up.

  • What Are Your Hottest Gadgets Of The Year?

    I was reading through the latest issue of my old flame T3 magazine last night – it ‘s their Hot 100 Issue – and found that I profoundly disagreed with some of the products they had in their top 10. So rather than bottle it up, I thought I’d vent here on Giz, and try…