power boards

  • At Christmas Time, Check Your Power Boards And Double Adaptors

    With Christmas lights and glowing decorations already up in houses across the country, this is the time of year that we bring out those rarely-used extra power boards and overload them with double adaptors on top of other adaptors. The ACCC wants you to check those boards for defects, though, with over 200,000 unsafe power…

  • Lunchtime Deal: DSE Surge Board $29.95

    I’m sure this is just coincidental; Woolies announces it’s selling off Dick Smith Electronics, and suddenly a few really good deals pop up. Certainly coincidental. Anyway, on with the show…DSE via OzBargain]

  • Disguise Those Valuable Power Sockets As A Book

    You may be trying to stop pesky house-guests from charging their phones in your lounge, or just want a couple of secret sockets squirrelled away for yourself – either way, this Stekkerboek power board hides away in bookcases, disguised as a tome. Just don’t let your guests start browsing your library, and those sockets should…