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  • A Brief History Of Speed: The Tech Evolution Of Formula One

    Formula One kicked off way back in 1946 and immediately started earning a reputation as one of the world’s most dangerous sports. Ever since then, the only thing that has gone faster than the drivers themselves is the speed of innovation surrounding their cars. This is a brief history of speed.

  • The Science Behind A Golf Course

    In any game, raw talent will crush technology any day. But golf, much more than its less-nuanced contact-sport cousins, is a pursuit where the plethora of equipment options can seem overwhelming.

  • 7 Great Australian Sporting Innovations

    While we like to think of Australia as the ‘clever country’, it’s not unusual for sport to dominate our national psyche. Yet the two aren’t as mutually exclusive as some may think. Australia has a long and proud history of sporting innovation. Here are seven success stories that have changed sport forever, particularly how we…