senator lundy

  • Conroy Stays. What Could Win You Back?

    It’s official: Senator Conroy will remain as Minister for Broadband, Communications, and the Digital Economy. We made some noise, hoped for the best, but always had a feeling we’d be served up more of the same. That was confirmed today with Gillard’s decision to keep to a very minor adjustment in cabinet.

  • Why We’re Backing Kate Lundy For IT

    Back when Kim Beazley was leading the ALP, Senator Kate Lundy had the position of Shadow Minister for IT. It was a position she excelled in, and we’d like to see her manage the portfolio full time. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Kate Lundy for IT: The Change We Really Need

    So the federal government #spill is done and we have our first female PM in Julia Gillard. Wow. Kevin Rudd, we hardly knew you. If this is to change what matters to people like us, we want to see Conroy follow Rudd to a seat up the back [UPDATE: or move him up to Finance…