the oatmeal

  • The Oatmeal Tackles Net Neutrality

    This morning, Texan Republican Senator Ted Cruz tweeted something mighty stupid. And sometimes, the only proper response is straight up comical derision. That’s where the Oatmeal comes in.

  • The Oatmeal’s Tesla Museum Hits Funding Target

    A few days ago, Matthew Inman — founder of The Oatmeal — started on a mission to turn Nikola Tesla’s old New York laboratory into a goddamn Tesla museum to honour the inventor. Today, that project hit its $US850,000 funding goal after less than a week on Indiegogo.

  • How Do You Get Liked On Facebook?

    I was always told I should start my day with a healthy breakfast. The Oatmeal qualifies, right? In any case, the current strip on how to actually get liked on social networks is right on the money — and naturally, it’s funny, too.