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  • Lightyear Set to Be the First Solar-Powered Production Car

    Lightyear Set to Be the First Solar-Powered Production Car

    Car company Lightyear (no affiliation with Buzz) has spent the past six years working on its new car, called the “0” (zero). That may not sound terribly interesting, as carmakers come and go all the time, but what really stands out about the Lightyear 0 is it can be recharged with the sun. That’s right,…

  • Get Hype: Here’s Western Sydney Uni’s Solar Car

    Video: The biannual World Solar Challenge is coming up in a couple of months, and the teams competing in 2017’s 3000km-long Adelaide to Darwin challenge intend to complete their journeys on solar power alone. Western Sydney Uni has always been a strong contender, and this year’s car looks more impressive than ever.

  • Rubber To The Road: Why Tyres Are Crucial To A Solar Car

    It’s all about resistance this week, and by that we mean tyres, if you can’t make the car more streamlined or any lighter, you get the best tyres you can so that you minimise rolling resistance; that is the force against the motion of our wheels when they’re moving. You probably know by now that…

  • Chasing The Sun: Meet The UWS Solar Challenge Team, Supported By Gizmodo

    It’s Saturday morning and a winter fog clings to the hilly paddocks at The University of Western Sydney’s Kingswood campus. Inside block Z, a team of 25 engineering and industrial design students, alumni and multi-disciplined volunteers are building a solar-powered car from scratch. Come October 2013, in stark contrast to weather outside, they hope to…