• Lunchtime Deal: Motorola Xoom $399

    Hot on the heels of the Xoom 2’s launch, it’s not that surprising to find cheap original model Xooms. We’ve seen this kind of price point before, so shopping around may be wise. Sure, the original Xoom is a little bulkier, but internally not that much has changed, so if you did want some Motorola-specific…

  • Lunchtime Deal: Motorola Xoom $389

    Looks like the curse of Android tablets dropping rapidly in price continues. Kogan’s got the Motorola Xoom on special; the WiFi-only version will cost you $389 plus shipping, while the 3G-enabled Xoom starts at $449. [Kogan via OzBargain]

  • Is Motorola Making Two Xoom 2s?

    All the leaks and new images coming out about the new Xoom 2 seem to indicate that there’s going to be two models released side-by-side. One is will be the true successor to the Xoom. This will be the smaller Xoom 2 Media edition.