Dell plays undertaker to Canberra’s dead computers

dell-recycle-03.jpgKudos to Dell, who over the weekend gathered up 35 tonnes of old computers in a free recycling day – their most successful to date.

Looking at some of the shots, you wonder how much of this stuff actually has some life left. Could some have been donated to charities for distribution to the other side of the digital divide? In the past, I have tried to donate machines to charity, but it doesn’t seem like there is anyone happy to take them — a lot of hoops to jump through, which makes recycling the easy (easier… it still isn’t easy) option…

Hit the jump for more pictures, and my conspiracy theory on ‘recycled’ computers out of Canberra.


Another thing: Canberra being Canberra, how many federal secrets were left on the hard drives of these ‘dead’ computers? Hmmm? It’d be ace if Dell now used these systems as a bargaining chip to score some awesome government contracts. Unless they already have such contracts. In which case, “well played, Dell… well played!”


Hit the Dell recycling site to stay on top of the when/where of future recycling events, and Dell owners can organise recycling for free through here too.

Dell Recycling [Dell Australia]