Breakfast Wrap: Best of Thursday Night


Sony NW-A910 video Walkman.
Watch and record digital TV – sweeeeet.

Gateway 30-inch ExtremeHD monitor has HQV processing.
We can’t get it, but maybe Dell will update their 30-inch with these awesome features?

Electrobike Pi – best motorised bicycle ever?
Battery will take you 40km even if you don’t pedal.

Palm-sized phone jammer gives gabbers the smackdown.
These should be built into the armrest of all seats at the cinema.

Cool new robots from iRobot.
The gutter cleaning Looj and a webcam for remote viewing of your home.

Aptera electric three-wheeler.
Pre-orders now in US, $20k car, very, very green.

iPhone firmware 1.1.1 out: Breaks 3rd party apps, relocks phones.
Phones being sent into semi-bricked ‘activation limbo’.