CSIRO holding up 802.11n adoption?

csiro.jpgAccording to The Register, the latest news on IEEE finalising the 802.11n spec is that there is now a big sticking point over patent concerns related to our very own CSIRO. They are known to possess a patent essential to the spec, so without a guarantee that they will not sue anyone over the use of the technology the IEEE will not finalise the standard.

And the gear out there that is ‘draft-n’? Well that is already possibly open to being hit by patent suits if CSIRO cashes in their chips on this one. It’s not that they are shaping to do so, it’s just that they’re staying too quiet for the IEEE’s liking.

We’ve asked the CSIRO for their side of the story, but it’s still early on the first day back at work so we have yet to hear any word. We’ll share what we can if we do. [The Register]