Breakfast Wrap: Best of the Weekend

It’s a long weekend here in Sydney, and I’ll be squinting my way out into the sunlight today for a family day out. Here’s the best from the regular weekend. Enjoy, and see you tomorrow.

Eavesdrop through walls with DIY recording spy stethoscope.
Living in a flat has never been so much fun.

Flying microdrone with camera, GPS, Wiimote-style controls.
For when the stethoscope is dishing the dirt you need.

Sony developing Gigapixel satellite camera.
In space, everyone can see you scream.

Vista lameness leads to life extension for XP.
XP to remain available until June 2008. Vista wishes it’s looks were enough.

iPhone re-reviewed (Verdict: Don’t buy)
Killing awesome third party apps does not make us happy.

Giz readers show off their awesome computer rigs.
If you have a set up you’d like to show off, send us a link to some photos!

BEAM bot says send your loved ones robots.
It’s like a book club, but for robots!

Unbricked iPhones now fully working.
Not quite back to casual software unlockness.