Lose Your (Broadband) Virginity In The Bush…

Virgin.jpgWell, you might not lose it, but you might learn some things. Virgin Broadband are expanding their broadband offerings into the “bush” and by “bush” we mean “Wollongong, Newcastle and Ballarat”. Sure it’s a stretch — we know — but it made for a much more exciting headline.

Both Virgin’s Broadband at home and Mobile Broadband offerings are available in these regional capitals. For those unaware, both use Virgin’s (and therefore Optus’) 3G network to connect to the we. The home broadband solution also incorporates a home phone number, without line rental or excessive charges, and a wireless router.

It’s an awesome deal if you can get it and you aren’t a gigabyte hungry power user. The extra coverage is also great for mobile broadband users who travel to these mystic cities of alternative delights cities frequently.