6 Million Tracks for US$3 Million Bucks? That’s Worse Than iTunes


When you guys filled out our reader survey last year, we learnt a lot about you. Like how some of you are practically dying to spend some of the millions of gold coins you use to swim through every morning to help wash away the feeling of not making more money while you slept. And yes, I am jealous.

The only reason I bring up the absurd wealth of some of you (you know who you are), is because I may have found a way for you to spend some of that cash. eBay user jpaulhenderson5a4e is selling his music collection, which includes more than three million records and over 300,000 CDs for a whopping total of more than six million songs.

If the maths there seems a little bit off to you, it’s because the collection does include many duplicate copies. But still – six million songs! All from the 20th Century, all meticulously catalogued and organised, and currently housed in a climate controlled warehouse.

The asking price for this mega collection of music is 3 million US dollars. Sure, that equates to a per-track cost almost double that of iTunes, but think of your digital music collection! Once you spend the rest of your life ripping it all, Apple will probably have that 1000 terabyte iPod you need to store it all.

the auction closes soon, and at the moment has no bids. And if you want to get rid of some of the duplicates, my email is just off to the left there. See it? Good…

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