Do You Use The 3G Features On Your Mobile?

3G services.jpg

Last week, the Australian Communications and Media Authority released a report that stated that in Australia, one third of mobile users have a 3G phone, but two thirds of those users didn’t use the available 3G service like internet browsing, video calls and music streaming.

Apparently, some people just aren’t interested in using their mobile for anything other than making calls. Others believed that the price was too high, and others just had no idea how to actually use the services.

The report also found that most people preferred using their mobile phone to a landline, and VoIP is still in its infancy here in Australia.

But with all the noise about getting a 3G iPhone and NextG services, I ask you, dear reader, whether or not you actually use the 3G services on your phone? Or is it too cost prohibitive, an unpleasant experience or just too confusing? Let us know in the comments…

[ACMA via SMH]