Unwired Offering 10GB For $40, But There’s A Catch

ethernet_modem_popup.jpgUnwired, the country’s only real purveyor of WiMax has decided to restructure its download plans to try and bolster its customer ranks. They’re now offering a range of plans – at varying speeds, of course – including one that includes 10GB worth of downloads for just $40.

It sounds pretty decent, doesn’t it? When you read the fine print, however, things get slightly less appealing. Using the 10GB plan as an example, only half of that magic 10GB is available during peak times – the other 5GBs is only available at off-peak times. That’s not the end of the world though… Peak times are between 2pm and 2am, so your morning browsing actually fits into the off-peak times.

But should you actually venture over your allotted download limit, you’ll be slowed down to 32Kbps… slower than dialup. Sure, you can buy an extra gig for $15 if you’re desperate, but why would you? The maximum speed you can get is 1Mbps, which sort of makes the whole bargain pricing make sense. Throw that in with Unwired’s somewhat sketchy coverage (and it’s nonexistent if you’re outside Sydney and Melbourne), and scepticism seems to make a lot more sense. Even if you need wireless, you can get 6GB from the telcos for the same price – and you generally get much better coverage (and in some cases, speeds).