Vodafone And 3 Rejigging Postpaid Cap Plans

Ever since Vodafone and Three started sharing a bed and calling themselves VHA, we’ve been waiting for them to share the love with their customers. Well, they’ve started the process this month by rejigging their post-paid cap plans, but they’ve still got a long way to go.

VHA have changed the contract plans on both Vodafone and Three so that they’re pretty uniform across the board. All the new contracts now include international calls in the cap, with no restriction on how much of the cap you can use for calling overseas. They’ve also added unlimited free calling from Vodafone to Vodafone and Three to Three (although not Voda to Three yet) for all their caps from $29 a month and above.

From $49 a month, you start to get data bundled (although it’s a paltry 50MB) as well.

They’ve also launched month-to-month contracts, which generally don’t include as much, but do away with the need to lock yourself in for long periods of time. Three new SIM-only plans are available for people happy with their phone but want to switch networks too.

But there’s a pretty big catch. Outside of the unlimited plans, the call rate is 90 cents per minute, with a 35 cent flagfall with per minute billing. There’s only one word for that: Ouch.

The plans come into effect from tomorrow. Check out Voda’s or Three’s websites then for specific details on the plans then to find out more.
UPDATE: Just got sent this handy table from VHA, which breaks down charges: