Virgin Blue Flight Attendant Puts 17-Month Old In The Overhead Storage Bin

Natalie Williamson and her husband were boarding a Virgin Blue flight from Fiji to Sydney recently, when a flight attendant picked up their 17-month old son, put him in the overhead bin, and locked it. It was 10 seconds before the boy was released. It goes on record as the worst-ever game of peek-a-boo.

To make up for the—inconvenience? horrible negligence?—incident, Virgin Blue has fired the offending steward and offered Ms. Williamson and her family three free flight vouchers. Vouchers which, unfortunately, they’re still too traumatized to use.

So, horrible, yes. But also not a bad plug for how roomy the overhead compartments are on Virgin Blue, no? Yeah, no, you’re right. [Herald Sun via Huffington Post]