Is That A Sewing Machine Or Bicycle Making Those Bicycle Caps?

In this slightly hipster-ish tale of a sewing machine and bike falling in love and making sweet harmonious love in the shape of bicycle caps, a shop window was turned into a mini-sweatshop for cap creation.

The advertising agency Leo Burnett Iberia came up with the idea to power a sewing machine by bicycle, with the bicycle cap favoured by bike couriers chosen as the end result. You can actually buy the caps from the New Museum of New York, where they cost $US45 and come in a wooden cheese box, or $US90 if you would like a DVD that shows how they were made. I only hope some of the profits go to oiling the bike or giving it a new lick of paint, poor overworked thing it is. [New Museum via PeSeta via Springwise via The Make Lounge]