Australian App Store Prices Now Match The US! (Mostly)

Is this the end to the global iTunes rip-off where Aussie users fork out up to 30 per cent more for apps, and 69 per cent more for songs? Yes, and no. $1.19 apps are now 99c, $2.49 becomes $1.99, $3.99 becomes $2.99, and the snozberries taste like snozberries. But there are some catches.

Those being: Apps between $4.49 and $9.99 are priced 50c higher than the US; $9.99 to $19.99 apps are $1 more, and $20+ apps are priced $2 higher than the States. Unfortunately, there’s no movement on movie or music pricing, likely due to local licensing/distribution deals.

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Here’s a table breaking down the updates, courtesy of Lifehacker:

Technically, the Australian dollar is still higher than the US, but reality is that Apple has to allow for fluctuation. And credit where credit is due: Cupertino has also gotten better with their hardware pricing in Australia. For instance, the entry level iMac is $US1199, or $A1399. Not much difference when you factor in the 10 per cent GST.

Too bad if you live in UK, Mexico and Norway, though. Prices just went up.