Lego Coming To Middle Earth

One day soon, I plan on buying my son a mega Lego Millenium Falcon and building it with him as an exercise in both male bonding and an excuse to play with Lego. Right after that, it appears I’ll be buying him Lord of the Rings themed Lego sets as well… The toy company has partnered with Warner Bros to release Lego sets from the iconic series as well as the up and coming Hobbit movies.

According to Variety, the first Lord of the Rings Lego sets are set to land in the middle of 2012, with The Hobbit sets due to arrive in December, shortly before the first film hits cinemas.

I just hope that there are big, iconic sets to build. The Eye of Sauron, perhaps? Or Smaug the Dragon? So many possibilities!

[Variety via Nerd Approved]