HTC’s One X Aussie Carrier Will Be… Everybody?

HTC’s One X Aussie Carrier Will Be… Everybody?

MWC is great for revealing phones, but sorting out which phone is going to which carrier is a rather more labyrinthine maze, as HTC’s announcement of the HTC One X proves.

You’d think this was simple, right? The HTC One X is an LTE phone, and there’s currently only one carrier in Australia running an LTE network, which would seem to indicate that the One X is Telstra-bound; that’s certainly the way The Verge sees it, stating that the One X will be rebranded as the ONE XL; PC World Australia backs that assertion up, stating that the One XL is a ‘a sure bet to launch through Telstra in Australia’.

Ah, but it’s not that simple. As Delimiter points out, Optus also links to the HTC One X from its Facebook page. The One X isn’t the LTE version, as Ozoneocean points out, but it’s still unusual for a carrier to talk up a phone that its competitors may be getting, especially if the competitor carrier may end up with a (theoretically) ‘faster’ version.

And then there’s Vodafone. OK, the company isn’t exactly steaming forwards when it comes to LTE implementation — and that’s by its own admission — but Vodafone was one company specifically name checked to get some of the new HTC handsets announced at MWC.