Nine’s Planning A Dedicated 3D Olympics Channel

Channel Nine has put forward a proposal to be granted additional broadcast spectrum in order to launch a temporary Olympics Highlights channel, with some content to be shown in 3D.

The plan is subject to approval by the ACMA, which handles such matters; if unsuccessful a report in The Australian suggests that the highlights and 3D content may end up on one of Nine’s other existing channels. The report quotes Channel 9 MD Jeffrey Browne as being cautiously optimistic that additional spectrum will be made available:

“At the moment we’re negotiating with the government and ACMA to get some extra spectrum,” Mr Browne told Media. “I’m expecting that we will get the approval. I don’t want to pre-empt the process and appear to be getting ahead of myself, but they’re favourable. The minister has always said he’s in favour of seeing more sport. I think ACMA and the government are both supportive of our intention to bring that package to Australia.”

If approved, presumably Nine would be using the content that the BBC’s already flagged as being produced in 3D — which isn’t very much. Nine’s not the only one being aggressive in the Olympic broadcast terms, with Foxtel last week announcing that its Olympics channels would be free to all Foxtel subscribers. [The Australian]

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